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  • July 2010
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Can and should people be thought of as brands?

A personal brand is created by the way one project himself. We all carry unique characteristics, which mushrooms on its own exclusivity and further enhance our brand value.

Just as brands, we use, speak a lot about our personality, our characteristics, choices and decisions also develop our brand image. Once a personal brand is created, people draw a certain line of expectations from us and if they are not met, it tends to damage our brand equity.

As we grow, we develop an External Brand and an Internal Brand. As the name suggests, external brand is what people know, see, touch, perceive and hear about us. This can be created with customized requirements of your status. It will only speak what you want to stage for the outer world. Whereas, internal brand is what you actually think of yourself.

Quoting an example, Amitabh Bachchan carries one of the biggest personal brands today. He has a defined style, stature, aptitude and aura. His external branding is of a very elite, sober, experimental in his profession, family oriented and of a great actor. Whereas, his internal branding can be of a lazy, flirtatious as well as a fun-loving person.

Self portrayal has become an important part of today’s scenario and there is no denial to the fact that we all work to become a successful brand. But in this brand war


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